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Keto Lunchables

Keto Lunchables

This fun little lunch idea came about one morning when packing my husband his lunch. Taking the bread out of the lunch combination kind of reminded me of something from my own childhood, Lunchables! Still to this day they are beloved in school cafeterias all over the country. I started with the basic meat and cheese combinations and it sort of grew from there.

I like to start with either lunch meat, cured meats or some of each. To that I add a cheese that will compliment it, cheddar triangles or a mozzarella cheese stick. Followed by a low carb fruit or veggie, something sweet and of course some texture.

To make these is a breeze, all you will need is a medium to large size plastic container with lid. Next fill your container with silicone muffin tin liners, I like to use both standard size and mini. Mini muffin tin liners hold about a tablespoon, this is perfect for your sweets, it will also help if you are measuring your food to keep carb counts. Standard muffin tin liners hold about 1/4 cup, again this is great when tracking your portions and net carbs. You can also use smaller plastic containers that you have so long as they fit into the larger container.

Fill as many of these as you like, with whatever you like. I have included a bunch of different combinations of these lunchables that I’ve been making over the last few months. The main point is to keep this lunch easy, no silverware required, perfect for grazing if you’re having a working lunch, or quick snacking throughout the day if you’re busy. Feel free to throw in some tooth picks to make this snacking even easier.

Some different variations my husband has enjoyed are cucumbers, and veggies straws with a home made ranch dip, or a small cucumber greek salad . A hard boiled egg, peeled and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Various deli meats with cheeses and large spinach leaves to wrap them in. The sweets and texture often go hand in hand. Favorites include honey roasted peanuts, and protein bars. Berries are the best for a low carb fruit, however keeping with the small portions of your mini muffin liners you can include things such as a tablespoon of grapes or pears and still keep your carb count down. Another favorite to add texture is pork rinds, they have a lot of varieties of flavors so you can mix and match whatever you like.

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