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Easter Egg Cookie Cake

Easter Egg Cookie Cake
This sweet treat has been on my “to try” list for awhile. Usually I make the same carrot patch brownies every year for Easter. They’ve become a tradition my kids and I look forward to each year. With Easter already being a bit off this year (thanks coronavirus) the timing seemed perfect to try something new.
My kids are huge supporters of Mommy Spice, and it’s important to me to get them in the kitchen with me as much as possible. With our new homeschooling schedule I tried to make theme days to add a little something to look forward to each week. We now celebrate “Tasty Tuesday” where we cook together a fun treat each week. This Easter Egg Cookie Cake was really easy, and a lot of fun for the kids to help make. Not a lot of real “cooking” is required so it’s a perfect beginner recipe too!


1 roll refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1 can vanilla icing (cream cheese or regular)
1lb assorted fresh fruit

Additional supplies needed:

Parchment paper

Rolling pin


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. To keep things easy, do all of the work on parchment paper. Lay your parchment paper on your counter, open your cookie dough, and using a rolling pin, roll out to about a quarter inch thick. If your rolling pin is sticking to the cookie dough, use a small dusting of flour to prevent further sticking. Using a butter knife, cut and shape your cookie dough to be an egg. You will have some dough left over though, that’s ok. Now pull your parchment paper with the egg shape cookie dough on top onto your baking sheet. Bake your cookie cake in the oven for 12-15 minutes, or until light brown around the edges. Once it’s finished baking, carefully drag the parchment paper (with the cookie cake on top) to a wire rack to cool. My kids were antsy so we only let ours cool about 10 minutes until we started to decorate. Spread on a thin layer of icing, then get to decorating with an assortment of fruit. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate and eat within 5 days.

Egg shape before baking.
Egg shape after baking. It expanded about an inch on each side.
After icing and fruit were added.
While trying to buy time waiting for the cake to cool, rinse and cut all of your fruit. Also have the kids come up with a plan for the fruit you chose. What order do you want to place things? Such as not placing the raspberries and strawberries next to each other for better contrast. Another fun lesson is taste testing all the fruits and deciding which go best together. We decided on laying the tart fruits next to the sweeter ones together. This is also a good time to roll and bake your extra sugar cookie dough into small cookies.
Guys this one was a lot of fun! Honestly the hardest part was getting the “egg” shape from the cookie dough. Mine wasn’t perfect but once decorated you cannot even tell! To get the most bang for your buck I suggest buying a container of assorted fruit from the produce section. Customize this the way you like, however I will say it’s also a good time to introduce some new fruits. We don’t eat a lot of mango or kiwis but on top of this cake the kids gobbled them up.
This is also a perfect quarantined Easter treat. Stores are not selling out of fruit, icing or cookie dough! So grab these supplies on your next essential run to spread some Easter cheer while we’re all stuck at home.

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