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Snack Necklace Math

Snack Necklace Math

Hello fellow Mommy Spicers thrown into virtual learning/ homeschooling your children. Let’s not pretend this adjustment is easy, it’s anything but. However, I do like to try and find ways to make it more bearable. That to me means one thing, bring in the snacks. This is a small variation to an already popular recipe of mine. Recipe isn’t even the right term, because this one involves NO cooking at all and can be done with little to no supervision.

As I did in my first recipe and lesson for pizza, craft and fractions, I included a few variations to this lesson plan as well. First up we call these movie night necklaces in our house. The kids had earned a movie night for good behavior. We chose Onward (FYI: this will be on Disney+ Friday, April 3) or you can pay to rent it on demand sooner. Then I wrote up each child a developmentally appropriate math worksheet to earn their ingredients.

For each problem solved correctly, they earned all the cereal of that color. We did 5 pieces of each color, you can add as much or little as you like. Once all cereal was earned they were then given a pattern sheet, string and pretzels to create their necklace. For my toddler I gave all cereal pieces ahead of time for a color sort, rather than a solve and reward method like I used with my older girls.

Following the same technique as used in my movie night snack necklaces, the kids built their own hard earned necklaces for the movie. The biggest change between my movie night snack necklaces and the math necklaces are that I left off the gummy rings. This was a personal choice as my oldest daughter has braces and all gummy candy is out. However, feel free to add them to your children’s necklaces if you like. You could maybe have them earn the candy with a harder word problem?

Again I did things a little differently with my youngest and just let him place the cereal and pretzels on the string to practice fine motor, rather than follow an exact pattern. That being said, the bigger kids still get to practice focus and fine motor out of these activities too! Customize these however you like, if your child doesn’t need math practice, do a sight word sort to earn their cereal. The point is to make the learning fun, and with a double reward of snack and a movie night you can’t go wrong with getting them to participate.

Happy learning friends, we’ll all get through this together!





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