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Double Rainbow Cupcakes

Double Rainbow Cupcakes
Another year, another new birthday treat to come up with. This sweet little treat is actually a twist on a cupcake I made for my other daughters birthday a few years back. I did change it some, and ditched the texture for novelty. By following the same method as the rainbow crunch cupcakes you end up with this beautiful surprise rainbow batter. Yes it’s a little tedious, but the show stopping reveal is well worth the trouble. My little lady could not brag enough at her “on cloud 9” party about the hidden rainbow inside her cupcakes.
The double in the title comes from the rainbow on top of the cupcake. It’s a lot easier than it looks like, it all comes from this fun little Airhead candy. These Airhead Xtreme strips can be found in the candy aisle at most grocery stores. I even found a pack at a gas station! They’re tasty, more sweet than sour, and have a very soft bendable texture unlike traditional airheads. For the clouds in my “on cloud 9” cupcakes I used icing and a homemade piping bag (made from a zip top bag). It all comes together pretty easily, I promise.
1 box white cake mix
  • Oil, eggs and water will be required per box instructions
Rainbow food dyes
2 containers vanilla icing
1 large pack Airheads Xtreme candy strips
Follow along my detailed instructions for the rainbow batter cupcakes from my previous post here.
After the rainbow cupcakes have baked and cooled, top each one with a sky blue icing. I start with only one drop of blue food dye and mix with an entire container of white icing. This gives a very nice, soft, sky blue. Next comes your white (vanilla) clouds, they act as glue and will hold your airhead rainbow in place. Place about half of your second container of white icing into a small (quart or sandwich size) zip top bag. Push all of your icing to the bottom of the bag and seal the top. Next snip a small bottom corner off and voila, piping bag!
On top of each sky blue cupcake push a small dot of icing out of your piping bag. I like to do two or three “clouds” on either side of my cupcake. Now it’s time for the show stopper rainbow on top. Cut each Airhead strip directly in half, so you have two rainbows per strip. Take one end of your rainbow and press slightly into your clouds on one side, then gently bend and press slightly into the clouds on the other side of your cupcake. There you have it, adorable rainbow topped cupcakes with a secret rainbow hiding inside as well!
If you want to go an extra step and make these triple rainbow, grab some rainbow paper cupcake liners. I was able to find some easily in the baking aisle at target. The cupcakes topped with the airheads will keep in a sealed container for 24 hours, any longer than that and the candy will become very moist and flimsy. The cupcakes themselves will keep longer, and you can top with candy as you go for any extra leftovers.

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