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2019 Top Recipes

2019 Top Recipes

I did an end of year round up last year and loved the experience. Looking back on the year is always fun for me. I really enjoy seeing which recipes were linked, pinned and shared the most. I’m so fortunate to have the support that I do and it’s often times you followers reach out to me personally. Same as I did with my 2018 list I’ll be posting my top recipes according to online results and social media clicks. Then I’ll post my most made list, which is the recipes you guys have made most and shared with me. It’s interesting to see which are most pinned and which are most made and which ones overlap. This being my second year doing an end of year list I also got to see which ones have the most staying power and were in the top for both 2018 and 2019. Keto Cinnamon Cereal reigns supreme for a second year in a row with over 5,000 individual views on Pinterest. While Feta Guacamole remains in the top for most made. Coming into your homes and eating my recipes at your get-togethers is surreal to me and means so much! I love cooking with and for you and hearing from each of you what your favorite dishes are. I cannot wait for what we cook up together in 2020. Happy New Year!

2019 Top Recipes
  1. Keto Cinnamon Cereal
  2. Chicken Fried Keto Rice
  3. Mashed Potato Pizza
  4. Easy Oreo Truffles
  5. Easy Burger Seasoning
  6. Keto 3 Cheese BBQ Chicken Pizza
  7. Mama’s Goulash
  8. Bite Size Biscuits And Gravy
  9. Two Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins
  10. Air Fryer Donuts
2019 Most Made Recipes
  1. Two Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins
  2. Letter Pancakes
  3. Caramel Apple Bites
  4. Feta Guacamole
  5. Homemade Tortilla Chips
  6. Cone-Acopias
  7. Antipasto Skewers
  8. 2 Ingredient Fruit Dip
  9. Easy Oreo Truffles
  10. Chalk Paint
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