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Candy Cane Pizza

Candy Cane Pizza
Talk about a fun and festive dinner! This is one adorable way to eat pizza and the novelty can’t be beat. Last Christmas (and Valentine’s Day) I made my own version of the popular candy cane danish, which sparked this idea. The process of cutting, stuffing and bending the croissant dough remains the same. Just instead of cream cheese and fruit filling you use pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. If your family is like mine and prefers different toppings you can create two little candy canes instead of one.
1 can crescent dough croissants
1/4 cup pizza sauce
1 cup mozzarella cheese
1 tablespoon butter, melted
Garlic powder
Dried oregano

mini pepperonis

Parchments paper

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Now first off, you want to build the candy cane structure on your parchment paper. This will make moving it to your baking sheet to cook a lot easier. Open up your croissant dough and separate all 8 of the triangles. Line the flat sides together with the triangle points to your left. Press together the flat parts of your croissants to connect them together into one long piece. Next using a sharp knife cut each triangle point in half, this will now give you 16 narrow triangle points. These triangles will end up crossing over the flat side of the croissant to make your candy cane stripes. Sprinkle your dough with garlic powder and dried oregano to season it. Next, spoon your pizza sauce evenly down the flat rectangular side of your dough. Then sprinkle your mozzarella cheese on top of your pizza sauce. Now comes the crossing over part I mentioned before. One at a time take each narrow triangle and pull it across the flat side with the filling. Then tuck any remaining dough along the right edge of your candy cane. If you wish to add mini pepperonis to your pizza now do so to all of the exposed pizza not covered by dough. Now comes the tricky part, curving your structure to look like a candy cane. Using a flat spatula lift the top of your structure (about 3-4 stripes down) and GENTLY curve it to the left. This dough is going to be flimsy, but it’s also really pliable so if it tears or comes apart you can just press it back together with your fingers. Once you get your desired candy cane shape, place your baking sheet next to the candy cane on your parchment paper. Gently pull the parchment paper by its ends and evenly pull it on top of the baking sheet. Lastly melt your butter and brush it onto all of the dough pieces showing including the edges. Sprinkle on more garlic powder and dried oregano and bake for 15 minutes or until a light golden brown. Cut and serve warm.
If you choose to make two small candy cane pizzas instead of one large one adjust your cooking time to 10 minutes.
A few tips I’ve gained from making a lot of these, first, work fast. Once the dough becomes room temperature it’ll be stickier and harder to work with. Second, if you struggle to curve your dough once it’s filled you can try building your structure from the start with the curve already there. This might make your triangles overlap a bit and make the crossing over portion a bit trickier. I suggest trying both ways to see which one gives you the shape you like better.
This pizza when cut makes the perfect little handheld pizza bites, perfect for little hands. It can be a little tedious to make but the flavor and fun make it well worth it!

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