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Grape Structures

Grape Structures

I like to plan a few home activities for the kids when they’re with me all summer. We had done structures like this at a family school event before but with marshmallows. The kids and I both loved building them together so I was eager to try it at home. I ditched the marshmallows for grapes to make this a 2 in 1 snack and activity that was both fun and healthy.


Green or purple grapes, washed and pulled off the vine


Give the kids the grapes and toothpicks and see where their imagination takes them.

Do this on a table you don’t mind getting a little messy, or one that’s easy to wipe off. The grapes are juicy and will make a bit of a sticky mess. This activity is great not only for creativity, but fine motor and problem solving skills. We kept having a tower that was leaning due to uneven grape sizes, which then led to sorting grapes into different piles. Some creations ended up not 3 dimensional, like this “person” my daughter. It was a really fun way to use our brains and any activity that involves a snack is a win in my kids book.


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