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Patriotic Parfait

Patriotic Parfait

Alright so parfait is a stretch, but the title was too cute to resist. However, you could layer this like a parfait and it would ring true to its title. Now that we got our food terminology out of the way we can get to the recipe. This little cute breakfast came about almost as an accident. My kids enjoy yogurt a few mornings a week and we’re always switching up our flavors, toppings and fruit combinations. They have so many varieties of yogurt on the market that the possibles are endless.


Yogurt (white in color)
Puffs, baby snack cereal


Pour yogurt into a bowl, then top with chopped strawberries, blueberries and puffs cereal. That’s it! This one is a literal dump and done.

I got a little fancy by using our yogurt covered frozen blueberries but fresh or frozen regular blueberries will also work. Some of you may be a few years removed from the baby stage and I’m not far behind you, however, these puffs have remained a favorite in our household for kids of all ages. Also their star shape brings the whole patriotic theme home, not to mention they come in all sorts of flavors to compliment your yogurt and fruit.

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