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Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread

Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread

This is Christmas morning in our house. I’ve made monkey bread every year for Christmas morning since my husband and I started dating many moons ago. It’s become a really special tradition we’ve gotten to pass onto the kids. Now the kids even request it for Easter morning, so now this has become our holiday breakfast I suppose.

The biggest difference in this monkey bread opposed to traditional monkey bread is texture! If you have not noticed by now I am a texture junkie when it comes to food, this probably comes from a deep seeded childhood (and now adulthood) fear of soggy bread, soggy anything really. No joke, my Mom used to get my butt out of my room in the morning for school by threatening to pour the milk on my cereal, and it worked!! Now I wonder how my girls are so dramatic, hmm, couldn’t possibly be from me.


2 cans refrigerated cinnamon rolls
2 small Granny Smith apples
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1/4 cup butter, melted

Tools needed:

A bundt pan
Non-stick cooking spray


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, spray your bundt pan generously with non-stick spray. Pour white sugar and ground cinnamon into a large bowl and mix together. Next unroll your cinnamon roll tubes and cut each cinnamon roll into 4 even pieces, take the icing that comes with the cinnamon rolls and set it aside (you’ll use this later). Now, peel and dice your apples small, set aside. Working in small batches roll a few pieces of the cinnamon roll into the cinnamon sugar mix and put into the bundt pan, then add a few pieces of cinnamon roll left plain (not rolled in cinnamon sugar) and add those to bundt pan also. Then roll a few pieces of apple in the cinnamon sugar mixture and place into the bundt pan. Next add in a sprinkle of diced walnuts. Keep repeating the layers until you run out of ingredients. I usually roll one tube of cinnamon rolls in the cinnamon sugar and the other I leave plain, adding them at the same time with my layers. Once your bundt pan is full, melt your butter in the microwave. Pour evenly over your last layer in the bundt pan and bake for 45 minutes in the oven. Once baked, let your bundt pan sit for 10 minutes. Then with a butter knife loosen all the sides of your monkey bread from the pan. Place a glass plate over the bundt pan, cross your fingers and flip the money bread over. Carefully pull the bundt pan off to reveal your monkey bread. Next take your reserved icing and drizzle it all over the top of the money bread, sprinkle with more walnuts if desired, and serve warm.


Start to finish this will take about 90 minutes. Which might seem like a lot for Christmas morning. This is how I make it work, wake up with the kids to see Santa gifts and stockings. While they check out their new goodies I prep the monkey bread, and get it into the oven. While the monkey bread bakes we open our gifts to one another, open any toys that came in boxes, and make coffee. By then it’s usually time to take the monkey bread out of the oven and sit down for Christmas breakfast. Anyone familiar with traditional monkey bread (which is what I made for many years) will see these are very similar. However, instead of the usual biscuit dough tossed in cinnamon sugar, I use cinnamon bun dough, and then add diced apple and walnuts. I still toss the dough in the cinnamon sugar mixture, however this recipe uses a lot less butter than regular monkey bread, but, I did add icing. It comes with those tubes of cinnamon rolls so why not use it? Also by adding a fruit to this that makes it healthy right? Well healthier, maybe.

Does anyone else have a special Christmas morning breakfast they make each year??


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