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Snowman Bagel

Snowman Bagel

This little creation came about last winter and quickly became a favorite with my children. We love mini bagels around here, a staple for breakfast or packed in their lunch boxes. I turn them into pizzas, sandwiches or now, snowmen! It’s no surprise I love getting my kids involved with their food, a dish that is a meal and a craft in one is my favorite. I recently even surprised my oldest by putting a “snowman bagel kit” in her lunch box. Just a little something to make her day brighter at school when I can’t be there. Plus I hopefully earned some cool Mom points?! A girl can dream right, lol.


1 plain mini bagel
1-2 tablespoons plain or lite cream cheese
2 Broken pretzel pieces or pretzel rods (ARMS)
5 blueberries (EYES & BUTTONS)
5-7 Chocolate chips (SMILE & EYES)
1 small piece of a carrot (NOSE)


Lightly toast your mini bagel, spread plain cream cheese evenly on both sides. Place one bagel half on top of the other creating your snowman stack. Next decorate, or let the kids decorate their own snowman. We use a combination of blueberries and chocolate chips for their eyes and buttons. (More blueberries if Mom makes them, more chocolate chips if the kids make them, go figure!) A small carrot piece for the nose, and pretzel rods or pieces for the arms. That’s it! Super easy, and really cute.

I love finding new ways to take what my kids already like to eat and making it new again. Also giving them a craft with their breakfast usually keeps them occupied for a few extra minutes to get ready, pack lunches, book bags, or make a cup of coffee. A win-win for a busy morning! My daughter is insisting our snowman needs a hat, my idea was bacon pieces, her’s was a Hershey kiss. We’re currently accepting new ideas, so if you have any bagel snowman hat suggestions comment below, we might just try them!

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