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Cookies n’ Creme Cookie Cups

Cookies n’ Creme Cookie Cups

Have you guys tried this candy? Cookies n’ Creme Crunchers? They are awesome!! I was in the candy aisle brain storming for cookie cup ideas, pondering different flavor combinations and these caught my eye. Boy am I glad they did!! These cookie cups are one of my favorite because they pack not only a flavor punch, but they have… you guessed it, texture!


Refrigerated chocolate cookie dough, the brand I used above I cut into 4 even chunks
1 bag Cookies n’ Creme Crunchers

Supplies needed:

A mini muffin tin
Non-stick cooking spray (this is a MUST)

Makes 48 cookies


Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Very generously spray your muffin tin with non-stick spray. Unwrap your cookie dough and cut into 4 even chunks. Roll each chunk of cookie dough into a ball using the palms of your hands. Drop a cookie dough ball in each mini muffin slot. Bake for 9 minutes. Once the cookies come out of the oven you have to move FAST. Place your cooked cookies on the stove top and quickly press one candy (or a few pieces, the Crunchers come in a variety of sizes) into the center of each cookie. This will create your “cup”. As you gently press down on the candy the cookie will form around the sides of the candy giving it the appearance of the candy sitting inside a cookie cup. Move your cookies to a safe place to set, a dish towel or pot holders on the counter top will do. You want the cookies to have a chance to set before you try to take them out of the muffin tin. As your cookies cool, the candy in the center will begin to melt. If you’re feeling fancy now would be the time to add sprinkles. Let the cookies cool at least 10 minutes in the muffin tin. Then move them to a cookie rack to cool or if you’re short on time, or just anxious to eat, place them in the fridge to set up faster. Store in an air tight container and enjoy within a week.


As I mentioned, the candy comes in a variety of different sizes, some bigger pieces I broke down to fit in the middle of the cookie cup better. Towards the end of the bag it was the opposite, a lot of smaller pieces of candy. With the smaller pieces, I would use two or three pieces of candy to fill the center of the cookie cups. What you’re looking for is even cookie to candy ratio, so you can be the judge and do what works for you, I doubt you’ll get any complaints from an over filled candy center! The texture I mentioned above is one reason I love these cookies, another is the color contrast from the dark brown cookie cup and white chocolate Crunchers. You eat with your eyes first and these cookies are immediately intriguing, and even better than that, they’re delicious!

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