Cooking for a family, while making family time



These are what my kids have for Thanksgiving breakfast every year. They check off all the boxes for a holiday breakfast, cute, delicious and on theme. Let’s be honest, most of us parents are very busy cooking, or getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving dinner and breakfast takes a backseat. That’s why these treats are perfect as they require NO cooking, and little to no clean up!



Store bought ice cream cones

Yogurt (flavor of your choice)

Assorted fruit (your choice)


Scoop your yogurt into your ice cream cone, about 3/4 full, then top with your fruit and enjoy. THAT’S IT!

These couldn’t be easier! 3 ingredients, mere seconds to put together and you have a healthy kid friendly, Thanksgiving approved breakfast! My tip for these is to place a little foil around the bottom of your ice cream cone so that your yogurt won’t leak out. My kids’ favorite combo is banana or vanilla yogurt filled with an assortment of berries, however, get creative with these, and as always let the kids help if they want and choose what works for your family’s tastes.


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