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Movie Night Snack Necklace

Movie Night Snack Necklace

My kids love these! We’ve been making these for years for movie nights or special occasions when we go to the drive in for movies. Not only is it a yummy snack, but also a learning activity in one!

Just so you know, I’ve linked some products and or ingredients I believe in and use myself, however I could collect a percentage of sales. At Mommy Spice we’re all a team in making meals and staying on budget and I hope you love the things I recommend as much as I do.



String or gift wrap curling ribbon, cut to neck size
Snacks with holes;
Our personal favorite combination:
Gummy life savers
Froot loop cereal
Snaps pretzels


Measure and cut your ribbon to neck size, next tape one end down to your counter (same method as bracelet making). Next sort your treats out and start to layer onto your necklace. Making it as full as you like. Then tying a double knot with the two ends to bring your necklace together. Keep sealed in zip top bags until time to eat.


The sorting part of the method is my favorite. The kids love to decide on patterns, usually 3 Froot Loops, pretzel, gummy life saver, pretzel, 3 more Froot Loops, then start over again. If you’re really detail orientated like my first born, she likes to color code our pattern. Red froot loop, blue, yellow, pretzel, green gummy lifesaver, pretzel, purple froot loop, orange, green, pretzel, red gummy lifesaver and so forth and so on. This is a great sorting activity for younger kids also, that may just be starting to learning patterns or colors. Not to mention if you let the kids make the necklaces with you that’s a great practice with fine motor skills. Feel free to mix these up as you like, we’ve done Apple Jacks cereal in the past, and they have different flavors of the gummy lifesavers. My only tip is be wary using anything coated, the yogurt covered pretzels did melt a bit when we made these once over the summer, which resulted in a sticky necklace no one wanted to wear. If making these with multiple or for multiple children, add a few of the same colored cereal pieces to each end so the kids can tell them apart. I did 6 additional cereal pieces (3 on each end of the necklace) in blue, green, red and orange for my kids and the kids we shared these with at movie night. Also if taking these out of the house, I like to bag them separately in snack size zip top bags so that the necklace strings don’t get tangled. Have fun with these, get the kids in the kitchen with you and what you’ll be left with is a fun, new activity together, but also a yummy portable movie night snack.


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