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Keto Inclusion 101

Keto Inclusion 101

I feel like so many of us with kids don’t diet or find it too hard to diet. Truth be told you’re probably already fighting daily battles with one type of food or another with your kids. I have one kid who fights me on vegetables, another who doesn’t like bread and a third who likes to negotiate “how many bites” to get dessert. With enough food drama it’s hard to then add diet criteria to that. Let me help! Last summer when my husband decided he wanted to go on the Keto diet, I laid a few ground rules. One, carbs or not I wasn’t letting him give up vegetables. We have to lead by example and I was not interested in a daily dinner conversation of “why doesn’t daddy have to eat his carrots??” Two, I wasn’t going to change all of our meals, I would instead find ways to include him in things the family already ate.

Here you have it, Keto inclusion! I’ve said it before, zucchini is such a staple. Zoodles, replace any pasta dishes I’m making for the kids and I. You can also spiralize other vegetables, beets, carrots and butternut squash to names a few. However zucchini will be your lowest option carb-wise. Zucchini boats act as a great vessel for sloppy joes, tacos, enchiladas, buffalo chicken, chili or even pizza! Just steam the boats in the oven while you make the rest of the meal. Cauliflower rice, works perfect as a substitute for regular rice, this one is tried and true in our house to trick the kiddos too! More veggies all around makes this Mama happy. Side note, frozen cauliflower rice can be found with other frozen veggies and steams in your microwave in 5 minutes! Such an easy add on to any meal. Mushrooms are another way to bulk up dishes without a lot of carbs. Hamburger with portobello buns, Korean beef bowls, grilled steak, chicken or beef and broccoli can all be served over sautéed mushrooms instead of rice or potatoes. Now if all else fails, go for breakfast! Bacon, sausage and eggs are all keto approved. As well as hot dogs (check your package label or go organic on the hot dogs a lot of the brands out there do have carb fillers). Breakfast for dinner and hot dogs are two dinners that never get complaints from the kids around here. It’s possible to keep on your diet and keep the kids happy.

Last but not least when you do crave bread, there are a lot of great low carb options out there. We use the lavash flax pitas, wraps and mini pitas. You can cut these up to make cereal, fry them into chips, and fill the wraps with just about anything. By keeping a few staple inclusion ingredients on hand you don’t have to completely make a separate meal. This keeps your dinners streamlined while keeping your waistline happy.

Here’s a couple of examples of Keto inclusive dinners, spaghetti and meatballs for the whole family.

Spicy Chicken Stir Fry, one over brown rice another over cauliflower rice. This is also a great way to make chicken fried rice for the whole family, but keto friendly.

Remember to always check your labels, 4 carbs isn’t bad for Keto, however, zero carbs is better and then you can eat as many as you want!

This “rice” is a must have around our house, I use it in place of regular rice all the time. It’s also nice to have for bulking up any dishes to fill you up a little more.

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